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What is Black Magic? learn black magic

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Have you ever heard of jinxes, hexes and curses. If it’s true that you heard about them, theses are the real black magic that are cast to bring revenge, pain, distress or sometimes death, misfortunes and bad luck.

However, there also some forms of protective magic which fall under the category of black magic, so that it combats/fights any negative influence against equivalents or stronger negative forces. It’s always advised to use protective magic which can turn any negative influence into a positive one.

what is black magic in islam? what is black magic in islam

These dark arts which involve summoning of spirits plus other paranormal forces to do the dark master’s bidding of causing chaos and havoc.

Therefore; it’s always meant that the positive black magic intervenes with a person’s free will or decisions, and so it’s these characteristics which separates white magic from the black magic.

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